Since Nintendo appears puts their new releases into the eShop based on Eastern time (which is good to know because I try to avoid buying things on Sundays whenever possible, so otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to buy this until Monday after work), I was able to download Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon around 9pm on the West Coast and spend a couple of hours playing it last night. Some initial impressions:

- I haven't ever played the Gamecube original, but for allegedly being more action-oriented, this one still seems to be on the slow side. That's OK.


- There are a number of things that aren't really explained well, which you mostly have to figure out through trial and error.

-There are some thinly disguised load screens, which seem just a bit out of place in a 3DS game.


-Professor E. Gadd's communication device that he gives to Luigi is, for some odd reason, a DS Phat. Way to promote the latest in technology there Nintendo...

These are all minor complaints though, and I've been enjoying this so far.

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