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Like a lot of people here, I've spent way too much time watching Awesome Games Done Quick this past week (favorite runs so far include F-Zero GX, Super Metroid and the totally ridiculous Super Mario World TAS.) During that time, I've been doing a bit of thinking about just what goes into find the various strategies and glitches used. In a lot of cases, there is a surprising amount of correlation between what goes into speedrunning and what goes into testing that software in the first place. As a (non-game) tester, I've put together a post on my Blog discussing some of the things I have learned from watching AGDQ, and how these things can be applied to testing software. Be warned that it's a little bit long and might be a tad technical, but might be of interest to people who work in software development:

What Software Testers Can Learn From Video Game Speedrunners - The Sledgehammer Version 2.0


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